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NetSupport offers the following products that work across a VPN:

NetSupport DNA
For Agents that are connecting from remote sites, the DNA Gateway component allows you to do this directly over the internet rather than via a VPN. The following technical documents explain what the Gateway is and how this works in more detail:

Implementing and using the NetSupport DNA Gateway

Remote control over the NetSupport DNA Gateway and changing port numbers

However, using a VPN is still an option and both Agents and the Console can access the DNA Server across a VPN. The direct remote control within the DNA Console communicates with the Agent over TCP port 6007, so you need to ensure that this is being allowed over the VPN. The following article lists all of the ports that DNA uses and would require allowing over the VPN:

TCP/IP port numbers used in NetSupport DNA

NetSupport Notify
NetSupport Notify will operate as normal across a VPN. The Notify Consoles and Agents connecting across a VPN will need to be able to connect to the Notification Server to send or receive notifications.

The main consideration for this is ensuring the port that the NetSupport Notify Server is configured to use is accessible to both the Agents and Console across the VPN. By default, the Notification Server listens on port 443. Please note this port is configurable via the Notification Server configuration.

NetSupport Manager
NetSupport Manager also functions over a VPN. It is possible for Controls to access both Gateway connected Clients or perform direct peer to peer TCP connections to Clients. As well as Client devices connected to a VPN, you can allow Controls to directly connect to them over the VPN or connect to the Gateway Server across the VPN to support Gateway connections. This would require the following ports for the different connection types:

Ports required for Control or Client peer to peer connections across a VPN:

  • Port 5405 on both TCP and UDP.
  • Port 5421 on UDP.

For access to the NetSupport Gateway Server from Control or Clients connected to a VPN:

  • By default, the NetSupport Manager Gateway Server listens on port 443 for connections from Controls or Clients. (Note this port is configurable via the Gateway Server configuration).
    For assistance checking the Gateway Server availability to your Controls and Clients, please click here.

NetSupport School
NetSupport School is a peer to peer product and is therefore primarily optimised to work over a LAN connection. However, NetSupport School also works over a VPN connection, providing the required ports have been allowed over the VPN.

For more details on the required ports for NetSupport School, please see the following technical article:

TCP/IP port numbers used in NetSupport School

NetSupport ServiceDesk
As the ServiceDesk software is web-based, it is possible to access the ServiceDesk system via its configured URL across a VPN as long as the site address is visible\allowed.

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