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The NetSupport DNA Gateway Server has been enhanced to include a Remote Control component. Previously, all traffic went from the Gateway Agent to Gateway Server – this is still the process for eSafety, Internet Metering and other monitoring components. However, the Remote Control component allows a direct connection between the Agent and Server Gateway. 

How to enable remote control over the DNA Gateway
To enable remote control access to your remote DNA Agents via the DNA Gateway, first, you need to implement the NetSupport DNA Gateway Server and Agent components. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the following guide:

Implementing and using the NetSupport DNA Gateway

Once the remote NetSupport DNA Agents have been configured to use the DNA Gateway to enable the Remote Control, to access them, you first need to ensure that the DNA Agent can access the DNA Gateway Server externally on port 3086. By default, the Remote Control component of the NetSupport DNA Gateway Server listens on port 3086.

Once access on the required port has been configured, you need to configure the DNA Remote Control options via the DNA Console to point the Agents to the correct external IP address of the Gateway Server.

  1. Open the NetSupport DNA Console and in the Settings tab, click Manage existing profiles.
  2. Select the required Profile.
  3. Click Settings and select Remote Control.
  4. Enter in the External gateway address field the Public IP address or DNS name for the DNA Gateway Server.

Once the DNA Agents have applied the configuration, they will then be available for remote control over the DNA Gateway from a DNA Console.

Troubleshooting remote control over the DNA Gateway
If you have followed the above steps but find that the DNA Agents cannot be remote controlled over the DNA Gateway via the DNA Console, you can perform the following checks to help determine the reason for this:

  • Check the Gateway log to determine if Agents have connected
    The Gateway Server keeps a log file of all the DNA Agent connections that have been made to the Gateway Server for remote control. The Gateway remote control log file is called GW00x.log and is stored in the following location on the server machine C:\Program Files (x86)\NetSupport\NetSupport DNA\Gateway. When the log file reaches a certain size, a new log file will be created – ensure you open the latest file. If the DNA Agent has been able to connect to the Gateway, but the Gateway has rejected the connection for any reason, it will be logged in this file against the remote DNA Agent PC name. If there is no mention of the DNA Agent PC name, this indicates that the Agent has not connected to the server.
  • Check whether the DNA Gateway Server is visible to the DNA Agents
    There is a Gateway test page within the software which can be used to confirm whether a machine can communicate with the Gateway. To test this, on the remote DNA Agent machine that is not connecting to the Gateway, open a web browser and go to the following address:

Note: The “” section of the above URL is an example and you need to change this to match the IP address/hostname and port that your Gateway Server has been configured to listen on.

If the connection is successful, the following page appears:

  • Check for a port conflict
    If you suspect a port conflict, please stop the NetSupport DNA Gateway Server service and run the netstat –a command to determine if there is an established link to port 3086 when this service is stopped. This confirms whether the port is already in use. If there is a conflict, the port can be changed within the registry.

How to change the Gateway remote control port number

    1. Locate to the following registry key on the following devices: DNA Consoles, DNA Remote Agents and the DNA Gateway Server: 
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\NetSupport Ltd\NetSupport DNA\config
    2. You will need to add the following DWORD valueRemoteControlGatewayPort and add a decimal value of the new port number. 
    3. Note, you may need to change any port forwarding in the router to the newly selected port. 
    4. Once this key is in place on each machine, restart the following:
      • DNA Gateway Server – Gateway32 Service
      • DNA Agent – NetSupport DNA Agent Service
      • DNA Console – Restart the DNA Console program.
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