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NetSupport integrates with Microsoft’s Active Directory structure, enabling you to manage Control, Client, Tutor and Student configurations and launch remote control sessions. By creating an appropriate Group Policy, you can apply standardised configurations to machines without the need to visit individual desktops.

To make the task a little easier NetSupport supplies ready-made Administrative Templates containing the configurable options. When you install NetSupport, the Template files are copied to the NetSupport Manager/School program folder.

To enable certain configurations at the Client/Student or Control/Tutor using the NetSupport ADM Template file, you are required to enter an encrypted value, for example, the security key policy requires an encrypted security key to be entered. When configuring this through the ADM Template files, you cannot enter the security key in plain text as it will not be recognised, so you have to enter an encrypted security key value to the security key policy.

To generate the encrypted values, NetSupport has created a utility called the NetSupport Encryption Utility, which is available by contacting the Support team.

How to use the NetSupport Encryption utility

  1. Run the file EncryptionUtility.exe.

  1. Select the Policy item from the drop-down menu, e.g. Security Key.
  2. Enter the value into the ‘Value to be encrypted’ field.
  3. Click Encrypt.
  4. Click Copy next to the ‘Encrypted value’ field for your version of the product.
  5. Paste the encrypted value into the desired NetSupport policy.

For more information regarding NetSupport Manager’s integration with Active Directory, click here.

For more information regarding NetSupport School’s integration with Active Directory, click here.

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