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When attempting to connect to Client machines from a Control across the LAN/WAN directly using TCP, you may receive a ‘1704 error that the Client does not respond’.

This means there is a communication issue between the two machines. You will need to diagnose whether the Client and Control can communicate with each other. We recommend performing two tests from the Control to the Client machine:

  1. Ping test.
  2. PowerShell Test-NetConnection.

Performing a ping test
On the Control machine, run the Command window as an administrator and enter ping followed by the IP address of the machine you are communicating to.

For example, ping

You will receive a response informing you if the packets sent from the Control machine to the Client are being received. A successful ping will show all the packets have been received.

Using PowerShell to test the Port is available
To confirm whether the port the Client is listening on is open you can use the PowerShell Test-NetConnection command.

Open PowerShell and enter Test-NetConnection -ComputerName followed by the IP address of the machine and port that the Client is listening on.

For example, Test-NetConnection -ComputerName 5405

If a connection is successful, it will show “TCPTestSuceeded: True”

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