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With DHCP you allocate a range of TCP/IP addresses to a range of machines. This means that the TCP/IP address for each machine is not static and will vary in accordance with your configuration parameters.

The ‘All Computers’ List view in the Control window displays Client machines that you have previously connected to. When you attempt to connect to these Clients, NetSupport uses the IP address of the machine when the previous connection was made. If the TCP/IP address has changed, you will be unable to connect to the Client. There is a configuration option, that when set will connect to Clients using the machine hostname rather than the TCP/IP address.

To enable connection via hostname in NetSupport Manager

  1. Select {Network} {Configure} from the Control window drop-down menu.
  2. Select ConnectivityTCP/IP.
  3. In the TCP/IP section, click Connect By Hostname (DHCP/WINS).

  1. Click OK.

To enable connection via hostname in NetSupport School

  1. Select {School} {Configuration} from the Tutor Console drop-down menu.
  2. Select Network and Wireless Settings.
  3. In the TCP/IP Settings section, click Connect By Hostname (DHCP/WINS).

  1. Click OK.

When you perform a browse (or refresh in NetSupport School), NetSupport will look for Clients that are available and currently running on your network and will automatically take into account changes in the Client machines TCP/IP addresses. The browse will return a list of currently available Clients which you can connect to using its current TCP/IP address.

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