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When using the Show Video function within the Tutor console, the video will be synchronised on the Student machines. The degree of synchronisation will depend on several factors – including where the file is stored and retrieved from, the hardware specification/performance of the machines being used and the size of the video file being used.

When starting a Show Video, you will be prompted to select the video that you wish to show to Student machines. If this video file is stored locally on the Tutor machine, it will be transferred to the same location on the Student machines when the Show Video is started. This scenario provides the best performance, as the Show Video performance is not impacted by the network bandwidth available. The impact on the network is minimised since only the data to control the player, e.g. start, stop, pause etc., and synchronisation packets are sent. NetSupport School sends synchronisation signals approximately twice per second and resynchronises the Student if more than about 0.6 seconds ahead or 0.9 seconds behind. The video itself will be played locally from the Student machine so the network will not be impacted.

If each Student machine retrieves the video file from a network drive, you will place additional demands on the network.

Video files held locally use very little network traffic, so many Students can be used.

Video files held on 100Mbit/s network: maximum of around 30 to 40 Students (depending on the video).

Video files held on 1GB/s network: estimate a maximum of around 60 to 90 Students.

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