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NetSupport DNA allows you to group similar software together using program and application categories. Once you have created the required categories, you can then filter by these categories in the Program and Application Manager in the DNA Console. You can also group any applications that you pay a subscription licence for, so you can see the usage of your subscription applications in the Efficiency View dashboard.

Creating program/application categories
To create a program or application category, click the Software Inventory icon drop-down in the DNA Console ribbon and select Program Manager or Application Manager from the menu.

In the Program/Application Manager, click Categories. Here, you can add new categories and edit or remove any existing categories.

By default, the Application Manager has three pre-defined categories (Windows App Store, Subscription Software and Games).

Assigning software to your categories
Now that you have created the required categories, you can go ahead and assign your programs and applications to these.

To do this, in the Program/Application Manager, select the required software from the list and click Edit.

In the Program/Application Properties window, you can assign the software to a category by clicking Assign. In the example below, we are assigning the ‘NetSupport DNA Console’ application to the ‘Subscription Software’ category.

Click OK to apply the changes. The software will now be assigned to the selected category.

Viewing programs/applications by category
Once you have assigned the required software to your categories, you can now view programs/applications by category.

To filter the Program/Application Manager by category, click the Filter icon in the top right-hand corner of the window. In the example below, the Application Manager is being filtered by the ‘Subscription Software’ category.

When you click OK to apply the filter, the list will only display applications you have added to the ‘Subscription Software’ category. In the example below, the NetSupport DNA Console is the only application assigned to the category.

With the ‘Subscription Software’ category, it is also possible to view any subscription software not being used via the Efficiency View dashboard.

To open the Efficiency View dashboard, click the Home icon on the ribbon and then click Efficiency.

In the top right-hand corner of the dashboard, you can see how often you are using your subscription software and whether it is currently installed on any machines that are not using it. The ‘Most used’ and ‘Least used’ sections are also clickable – a window will open which reports how many machines the subscription software has been run on and the total active time for the software. The example below shows the top 10 least used applications that have been assigned to the ‘Subscription Software’ category.

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