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When updates become available within NetSupport DNA, a notification bar will be displayed in the DNA Console showing that an update is available. Selecting Install will upgrade the DNA Server to the latest version.

However, there may be occasions where it is required to update the DNA Server manually. This document explains the recommended procedure to do this.

Before running the NetSupport DNA Setup.exe, we recommend you access the DNA Server directly. This may be done using NetSupport Manager/School (or a third-party remote control program), via a virtual machine Console (if using VMWare or Hyper-V), or physically on the server itself.

If your only method of accessing the DNA Server is via Remote Desktop (RDP), ensure that you start a Console RDP session by running the following command:

mstsc /V:ServerNameorIPAddress /Admin

  1. Download the NetSupport DNA Setup.exe to the desktop of the DNA Server.
  2. Run services.msc and stop all NetSupport DNA services.
  3. Take a full, verified backup of your existing NetSupport DNA database using the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. For further information on this, click here.
  4. Once the backup has completed, run the NetSupport DNA Setup.exe file from the desktop.
  5. Step through the installer, selecting Continue and Install when prompted.
  6. Click Finish at the end of the installation/upgrade process.
  7. Reboot the server machine. If a reboot is not convenient, run services.msc and confirm that all NetSupport DNA services are running (manually start any that are not running).
  8. Run and log into the DNA Console.

Existing DNA Agent machines will be automatically upgraded to the same version as the DNA Server, the next time they connect to the DNA Server.

Any DNA Consoles that are running on remote machines will be prompted to update the next time they log into the DNA Console. It is also possible to run the same NetSupport DNA Setup.exe on the Console machines to update them manually.  

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