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Previously, NetSupport DNA used its Smart Update feature to update the DNA Agents after the DNA Server had updated to the latest version of the software. From version 4.85, some changes have been made to the Smart Update feature, allowing technicians more control over updating the NetSupport DNA Agents in their environment. 

Once you have updated to version 4.85 of NetSupport DNA, you will be asked to configure how your DNA Agents are updated. 

If you installed the DNA Agent on your devices using a third-party tool (such as SCCM or GPO), select Off and continue to update your DNA Agents using the third-party tool. The Smart Update functionality of the DNA Server will be disabled, meaning your devices will not automatically update when they contact the DNA Server. You can then manage the update of the Agents using SCCM or GPO. Please contact our Support team if you need assistance.

If you installed the DNA Agent on your devices using the Discovery and Deploy tool or you manually installed the DNA Agents using the Setup.exe (and not the .msi installer), select Automatic. The Smart Update functionality will be enabled and your DNA Agents will be updated automatically by the DNA Server. 

If you’re unsure of what option to select or would like further clarification before making a choice, select Decide Later. The Smart Update functionality will remain disabled and this dialog will appear the next time you start the DNA Console.

If you would like further clarification on this functionality, please contact our Support team. 

Accessing the Manage Agent Update option
If you need to change the option that you set, you can access the Manage Agent Update dialog at any time.


  1. Log into the NetSupport DNA Console as an Administrator.
  2. Select the Settings tab and click Manage Agent Update. 
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