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NetSupport DNA allows you to delete unwanted DNA Agent PC’s from the NetSupport DNA Console.

Before you follow the steps below, you will need to uninstall the NetSupport DNA Agent from the machine if it is still an active part of your network. If you do not uninstall the DNA Agent, it will continue to report to the DNA Server and will be added to the hierarchy tree when it next connects to the DNA Server. You can remove the DNA Agent through the Programs and Features option in the Windows Control Panel.

  1. Log into the NetSupport DNA Console as an administrator.
  2. In the Tools tab, click Database Maintenance.
  3. Select the Delete PCs tab.

  1. From the Available PCs list, select the PC to delete. Click  to move the PC to the PCs to delete list.
  2. You can choose to save the PC’s data in an archive file before you delete it. Ensure the Archive the data option is selected – the data will be saved in an XML format file.
  3. Click Delete. If archiving, you will be prompted for a file name and location. The data is copied to the archive but remains in the database. Once archiving is complete, you will be prompted to continue with the deletion.
  4. Click Close. The PC will no longer be listed in the hierarchy tree.
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