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It is possible to change the ports that NetSupport DNA listens on via Group Policy using the ADMX templates provided with the software. You may need to change the ports that NetSupport DNA listens on if a port conflict occurs with a third-party application or for security reasons.

If you haven’t already imported the NetSupport DNA ADMX Template file, please refer to the following technical article for steps on how to do this:

How to apply the NetSupport DNA ADMX Template file

Once imported, open the Group Policy Management Console and create a policy at the level of your choice (it needs to be at a high enough level to apply to all DNA Agent machines and the DNA Server).

Edit this policy and navigate to Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > NetSupport DNA Configuration.

Edit the “NetSupport DNA Port Connection Parameters” policy and set this to enabled, this will pre-populate the available ports with the default port values. From here, you can make the necessary changes.

For a breakdown of the port values, please see below:

Port 0: DNA Server listening port.
Port 1: DNA Agent listening port.
Port 2: Software Distribution port.
Port 3: DNA Agent UDP listening port.
Port 4: Chat port used by the DNA Server and DNA Console

After the Agents/Server have picked up this policy, they will begin using these newly specified ports.

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