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Once you receive your licence details (a 23 digit licence key and a DNALicense.lic licence file), you will be able to convert your evaluation to a licensed installation.

  1. Copy the DNALicense.lic file onto your DNA Server machine.
  2. Navigate to the installation folder of NetSupport DNA:
    32bit C:\Program Files\NetSupport\NetSupport DNA\Server
    64bit C:\Program Files (x86)\NetSupport\NetSupport DNA\Server
  3. Run DNADBWizard.exe.
  4. Select Register a license and click Next.
  5. Select Register License File.

  1. Click the Browse icon , to browse for the DNALicense.lic file.
  2. Enter your 23 digit licence key.
  3. Select Register.
  4. Enter the user name and password of the Administrator’s DNA Console user account and click OK.

  1. A message will appear stating that your licence file was successfully created, click OK and then click Finish.
  2. The NetSupport DNA Server service needs to be restarted for the licence updates to take effect.

Your NetSupport DNA installation will now be a full licensed copy of NetSupport DNA.

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