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From NetSupport School version 11, Room mode was enhanced to allow a teacher to select from a predefined list of rooms in the Class wizard when starting the Tutor Console.

In previous versions of NetSupport School, the teacher would have to manually enter the room name if they ran the Tutor Console from a laptop\portable device and they were moving between different classrooms.

It is also possible to configure the room list to include entries that will connect to two or more rooms at the same time; this could be applied when the Tutor needs to be connected to the PCs within a classroom and also the devices from a laptop trolley that has entered the classroom.

Configure the list of rooms

  1. Select {School}{Configuration} from the Tutor Console drop-down menu.
  2. Select Student Selection.
  3. Click the Connect to Students in Room(s) option and then click Select from list of rooms.

  1. Enter the required room names.
    To create a list of single rooms, enter the room names as below (separate each value with a comma):
    To configure the option for the teacher to choose between connecting to their normal room or their room plus another room at the same time, enter the room names as below (to connect to multiple rooms, separate each value with a plus symbol):
  2. Click OK.

When the Tutor Console starts, the teacher will be presented with a list of rooms in the Class wizard and can select the room(s) required for that session.

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