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By default, the NetSupport School for Mac Tutor Console stores its configuration on a per-user basis. The configuration is stored in an HKCU.plist file stored on each user’s profile on the Mac in /Users/%Username%/Library/Preferences/NetSupport.

It is possible to configure the NetSupport School Mac Tutor Console to store the configuration on a machine level so that all users who log into the Mac receive the same configuration. This is done by editing the HKLM.plist file located in /Library/Preferences/NetSupport.

To edit this file, open the HKLM.plist in a text editor such as TextEdit and then add the following entry to the contents of the file:

<key>Software.Productive Computer Insight.PCICTL.NSSUseHKLM</key>

This should be added to the file as shown in the screenshot below:

Save the file and make sure it’s located in the /Library/Preferences/NetSupport location.

When you run the Tutor Console application, it will now read the configuration from this HKLM.plist file and any changes made to the configuration will be written to this same file so that all users who log in receive the same configuration.

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