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The classroom.cloud portal contains Administrative Templates for advanced configuration that can be set via Group Policy. The Administrative Templates are located for each site under the Installers section. After logging into your portal, select Sites  (choose the relevant site for your organisation, if you have more than one) and then select Installers. Beneath the Windows tab, you will see the Download icon for the ADMX Templates.

Within the zip folder, you will see the ADMX and ADML files for classroom.cloud. The ADML file will be language-specific.

To apply an ADMX file to your Active Directory environment for the classroom.cloud configuration options to be visible in the Group Policy Management Console, the ADMX files listed above and their corresponding ADML file will need to be copied to your domain Central Store.

If you have not created a Central Store for your domain, please refer to the Microsoft documentation on how to create the Central Store for ADMX files.

Below is the default location for a domain Central Store:

ADMX files are stored in: %systemroot%\sysvol\domain\policies\PolicyDefinitions
ADML files are stored in: %systemroot%\sysvol\domain\policies\PolicyDefinitions\ll-cc*

*Where ll-cc represents the language identifier, such as en-US for English United States or en-GB for English Great Britain.

The templates will be automatically integrated once they are placed into the correct folder. However, all NetSupport policies are set to {not configured} by default. Currently, you can use the templates to set the account ID, the site ID and the region for the student.


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