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This article explains how to use the Room mode, User mode and SIS mode connection methods when connecting to Students in a BYOD environment.

  • Room mode (allow Students to join a room).
  • User mode (allows a teacher to connect to a list of users). 
  • SIS mode (allows the classes from an SIS environment to be published to the teacher).

Room mode
When using Room mode, the teacher enters a room name at the Tutor Console – this could relate to the teacher’s name, making it more visible to Students.

Students are configured to browse the network for available rooms. From the list of available rooms, they will see the teacher’s name and can join the room.

Creating a room at the Tutor Console

  1. On the teacher’s machine, launch the Tutor Console.

  1. When the Class Wizard appears, click New and choose Room Mode.

  1. Enter the teacher’s name as the room name and select Make this the active connection method.

  1. Click OK.
  2. The class will appear in the Connect to section of Class Wizard. Double click the class. 

  1. The room will open ready for Students to connect.

Configuring the Student to connect to a room
The NetSupport School Student component needs to be configured to access the list of published rooms on the network.

Note: This can be turned on at the Students using the NetSupport School ADMX Template files; however, we will enable this setting locally using the Student configurator for this document. 

  1. At the Student machine, open the NetSupport School Student Configurator from the program group. 
  2. Select Room. 
  3. Enabled the option This is a mobile computer and its room will be entered manually. 
  4. Select the Display available rooms option.

  1. Click OK. The Student is now configured to browse published rooms.

Connecting to the required room

  1. Right click the NetSupport School Student icon in the System tray and select Enter/Leave Room.

  1. A list of available rooms published by teachers on the network is displayed. Select the required room from the list and click Enter Room.

Note: In the Student ADMX Template file, a policy is available to set the Students to display a list of rooms found. 

User mode
An alternative to room mode is to connect to Students by their logged on user names. The teacher can enter the Students’ user names at the Tutor Console and then the Tutor Console will browse for these Students.

Connecting using the Tutor Console

  1. On teacher’s machine, launch the Tutor Console.

  1. When the Class Wizard appears, click New and choose User mode.

  1. Enter a name and, if required, a description for the class. Enter the Student user names one per line.

  1. Select Make this the active connection method.
  2. Click OK.
  3. The class will be displayed in the Connect to section of the Class Wizard.

  1. Double click the class. The Tutor will browse the network and connect to the devices that these users are logged on to.

SIS mode
SIS mode allows you to export your SIS information from the required OneRoster or Google Classroom formation and import it to the NetSupport Connectivity Server to read and make available to the Tutor Consoles.

For further information on how to do this, please refer to the following technical documents:

NetSupport School SIS integration with ClassLink OneRoster
Integrating NetSupport School with Google Classroom



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