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NetSupport Assist is no longer supported and has been replaced by the NetSupport School for Mac product.
We advise all customers to update their NetSupport Assist installations to NetSupport School for Mac


For NetSupport School 10.70 and above to connect to and interact with NetSupport Assist, the NetSupport School Windows installation needs to be provided with a licence for NetSupport Assist. On a NetSupport Assist installation

  1. Take a copy of the licensed NSA.LIC file, this file can be found in the following location: /Applications/NetSupport/NetSupportAssist

On the NetSupport School installation

  1. Ensure the Tutor and/or Tech Console are closed.
  2. Place the copy of the NSA.LIC into the NetSupport School installation folder. The default folder is: 32bit C:\Program Files\NetSupport\NetSupport School 64bit C:\Program Files (x86)\NetSupport\NetSupport School
  3. Restart the Tutor or Tech Console and search for the additional NetSupport Assist Students: In Room or Browse mode – the Tutor Console will browse the network and refresh the Client list at startup based on the configuration settings. In Fixed List mode – add the additional Students, select {School}{Manage Class – Modify Class} from the Tutor Console drop-down menu and browse for and add the additional Students in the Modify Current Class dialog. Note: NetSupport Assist does not support the Publish Class mode.

When using a NetSupport School Tutor or Tech Console to connect to a NetSupport Assist Student, the features available will be restricted to the ones currently supported by NetSupport Assist.

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