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The first time the following NetSupport product components are launched, they require activation either online or by telephone to verify the authenticity of the licence key.

    • NetSupport Manager Control
    • NetSupport School Tutor
    • NetSupport School Tech Console
    • NetSupport Notify Notification Server.

The NetSupport activation process checks hardware values and calculates a unique NetSupport activation ID for that component, which is stored on the hard drive. This activation ID is then compared with the hardware values each time the NetSupport component is launched. If the activation ID is invalid, the product will need to be reactivated.

When using disk imaging products and/or utilities such as Microsoft’s Preparation tool (Sysprep) to prepare a reference computer these hardware related values may be altered, therefore invalidating the NetSupport activation ID and requiring the product to be reactivated.

In situations where online activation is not available after the imaged computer has been delivered, NetSupport can provide a pre-activation key specific to the NetSupport product licence. The pre-activation key should be used during installation to suppress the NetSupport activation prompt on the imaged computer.

Note: The following NetSupport product components do not require activation:

    • NetSupport Manager Client
    • NetSupport School Student
    • NetSupport Notify Console
    • NetSupport Notify Agent
    • NetSupport DNA.


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