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You may need to move your NetSupport Notify Server to another machine. The below instructions will help you migrate your Notify Server to another server.  

Migrating the server

Installing the NetSupport Notify Connectivity Server component on the new server
To do this, please create a folder on the desktop and copy the Setup.exe and corresponding NSN.lic licence file in it. Run the installation and follow the instructions. The licence details will be read automatically. 

Transfer message customisations and message history
If you wish to carry over your existing message customisations and message history from your existing server to your new server, you can take a copy of the Gateway.db and the nsn-custom.dat files from your existing server and apply this to your new server.  

You will find the Gateway.db file in the following location:

64Bit C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\NSL\Connectivity Server
32Bit C:\Program Files\Common Files\NSL\Connectivity Server

and the nsn-custom.dat in the following location:

64Bit C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\NSL\Connectivity Server\Updates
32Bit C:\Program Files \Common Files\NSL\Connectivity Server\Updates

To apply the Gateway.db file and the nsn-custom.dat to your new server, please follow the below steps:  

  • Stop the ‘Gateway32’ service on the new server. 
  • Copy the files into the same respective locations as above and replace the existing files when prompted 
  • Start the ‘Gateway32’ service again. 

Transfer the server configuration to the new server 
If you want to carry over your old server’s existing configuration to the new server, it is possible to export the registry key from your old server and then import this onto the new server.  

The configuration of the Notification Server is stored in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Productive Computer Insight\Gateway. 

If you export this registry key to a *.reg file, you will then be able to import this onto the new server once Notify has been installed and then your configuration will be carried over. 

A restart of the Gateway32 service will be required once this registry has been imported.  

Connecting the NetSupport Notify Agents to the new server

To connect your existing Agents to the new server, you first need to establish whether the new server will have the same IP address as the old server, or a new IP address and hostname 

Using the same IP address as the old server
If the IP address remains the same, you won’t have to make any changes to the Notification Agent configuration. They will connect to the new server once the old server is disconnected. 

Using a new IP address and hostname for the new server
If the IP address is different on the new server, you will need to configure your existing Agents to point to the new server. 

The easiest way to point the existing Notification Agents to the new Server’s IP address is to use AD Group Policy to configure the NetSupport Notify Agent Server Details GPO.  

First, you will need to apply the ADMX Template files to your Domain Controller. To do this, please refer to the following technical article:   

How to apply the NetSupport Notify ADMX files

Then, you will need to create a Policy. To do this, please refer to the following technical article:  

Configuring the NetSupport Notify Server details for Notification Agents and Consoles by Group Policy (GPO)

Once the GPO is created, the next time the Notification Agents have rebooted and the policy has applied, they should start to connect to your new server. 

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