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All scheduled notification messages can be accessed via the Schedule tab in the Notify Console. The scheduled notifications are listed and a calendar view is displayed, allowing you to see when the notification messages are scheduled to be sent. The calendar entries are colour coded according to their notification type and the notification caption is displayed. Selecting a notification from the list will show a preview of the message that is scheduled to be sent, along with the scheduling options that have been set.

Creating a scheduled notification message

  1. In the Schedule tab, select the New icon in the ribbon.
  2. A blank notification message will be displayed, allowing you to enter the required message. Use the icons in the ribbon to set the notification type and the options for the notification message.

  1. The Schedule pane will appear on the right hand side of the Console and allows you to set when the notification will be sent.

  1. Select the Recipients tab to choose which Agents are to receive the notification message.
  2. Click Save.
  3. The scheduled notification message will now be listed in the Schedule tab.


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