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Several Linux distributions include by default an additional security policy and are referred to as Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux). This policy is designed only to allow certain applications to run and prevents the NetSupport Manager Client from running.

To allow the NetSupport Manager Client to run during the boot process, it is necessary to change the SELinux security level from ‘Enforcing’ to ‘Permissive’ by editing a configuration file through the command line terminal.

The following steps need to be performed on any Fedora, RedHat or SUSE distribution and this may also need to be performed on other distributions if SELinux has been installed as an additional option.

  1. Open a terminal session and log in as an administrative user.
  2. Using your preferred editor (nano, vi, gedit, kate) open /etc/selinux/config.
  3. Within this file, find the line that reads SELINUX=enforcing and change it to SELINUX=permissive.
  4. Save the changes to the configuration file and reboot the machine to enable the changes.
  5. The NetSupport Manager Client will now start each time the machine does.


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