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From NetSupport DNA version 4, a new SNMP component was introduced, allowing you to monitor and alert on SNMP devices on your network. This article provides an overview of SNMP terminology; specifically, OIDs and MIBs, and how these are used within the SNMP component.

What is an OID
SNMP is a method of querying objects relating to network devices that include SNMP support. An object that can be queried could, for example, be the status of a network interface on the device.

For SNMP to identify the object being monitored, an OID (Object Identifier) is used to identify the managed objects uniquely. OIDs are structured and follow a hierarchal pattern, with each object in the Tree view having a number. An OID is the sequence of numbers separated by dots.

How NetSupport DNA uses OIDs
The NetSupport DNA SNMP Server provides a list of available OIDs read from the MIB file stored on the SNMP Server. These OIDs can be added to the NetSupport DNA display properties to be made available to monitor and alert on. You can view OIDs monitored by NetSupport DNA or add new ones:

  1. Log into the NetSupport DNA Console.
  2. Select the Devices Tree view.
  3. Select Display Sections in the ribbon.
  4. The SNMP Manager window will appear.

The SNMP Manager provides a list of display sections; these are groups of related properties (OIDs). For example, you will find a display section named Printer. This display section will contain a list of properties or OIDs taken from the Printer MIB file. From the Properties section, you can view or edit an associated property. Select the required property and click Config.

To monitor an object that is not listed, click New to create a new display section and then click Add in the Properties section. The OID Property Tree view will be displayed, browse this to locate the required OIDs you wish to monitor.

What is a MIB
MIB stands for Management Information Base and is a collection of information which is organised in a Tree view. MIBs define the properties of the object within the device to be managed. Manufacturers may supply custom MIB files for their hardware to support objects that are not included by standard.

The SNMP Server component of NetSupport DNA includes a number of predefined display properties to allow you to alert on certain SNMP devices on your network. However, if you wish to monitor objects for an SNMP device that are not included in DNA by default, you can import these custom MIB files.

To import additional MIBs for use within NetSupport DNA, please see How to import SNMP MIB files to NetSupport DNA.

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