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NetSupport DNA includes an Explorer feature that allows Console users to monitor DNA Agents. However, there may be certain Agent devices or users that the monitor option should be restricted for.

Using DNA profiles, you can create and assign a profile to these devices or users and configure the Privacy Thumbnail option within this profile. This means when Explorer mode is accessed via the DNA Console, any DNA Agents with this profile assigned will no longer display a visible thumbnail to the Console Operator.

Creating a new profile with Privacy mode enabled

  1. Logon to the DNA Console.
  2. Select the Settings tab and click Manage existing profiles.
  3. When the Manage Profiles dialog appears, click Add.
  4. Enter a name for your new profile, e.g. Staff – Privacy. You can choose to copy the settings from another profile if required. Click OK.
  5. Select your profile from the list and click Settings.
  6. When the Settings appear, click Explorer to access the Explorer mode options.
  7. Select the Privacy mode option.
  8. You may also want to review the Remote Control settings, click Settings. Here you can also enable the User Acknowledgment settings and the ability to show indicators when connected, providing additional privacy options for the Remote Control functionality.
  9. Once the chosen settings have been enabled, click Save.
  10. The profile then needs to be assigned to the users or devices you want this to apply to. Select the required profile from the list and click Assign.
  11. You can then select from the different assignment methods how you want to apply the profile.
  12. Click OK once the assignment method has been chosen.

To check that this has been applied, access Explorer mode in the DNA Console and switch to Thumbnail view. Next, locate one of the users or Agent PCs that has had the profile assigned to them. You will now find that this Agent’s thumbnail is blurred, confirming that the Privacy mode setting has been applied.


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