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From version 14 of NetSupport School, there are now three program modes for using the Tutor Console’s user interface: Advanced, Intermediate and Easy. 

When the NetSupport School Tutor loads, a Welcome wizard is displayed. From here, you can decide which mode to open the Tutor Console in. This dialog will appear every time you open the Tutor Console. 

However, you can set one of the program modes as the default mode via Active Directory Group Policy or by applying a registry key.

Setting the program mode using Active Directory Group Policy
Step 1:
First, you will need to import the NetSupport School Tutor Console Machine ADM or ADMX Template files into the GPO. To do this, please refer to the following technical article:  

How to apply the NetSupport School ADMX files

Step 2:
Create a GPO and navigate to the policy setting (we recommend that you apply this at the Computer level): 

Administrative Templates – NSS Tutor Settings – Start Options – Misc Startup options 

Set the following policy option to Enabled: Select Program Mode.
Under Options, choose between AdvancedIntermediate or Easy mode. 

Once this has been applied, the Tutor Console will automatically open in the selected program mode. 

Setting the program mode by applying a registry key
Alternatively, if you are not using Active Directory Group Policy, you can manually edit the Tutor settings on the machine by adding a registry key in the Tutor Console Registry. 

  1. On the Tutor Console machine, open the Registry Editor (Regedit). 
  2. By default, the Tutor settings are saved in the User registry location. Navigate to:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NetSupport Ltd\PCICTL\ConfigList\NetSupport School 
  3. In the main window, right click and select New > String Value.
  4. Enter the String value name as Startup\ProgramMode.
  5. Set the value to “1″, “2″ or “3″ depending on what program mode you want to set as the default:
    1 = Start the Tutor Console in Advanced mode.
    2 = Start the Tutor Console in Intermediate mode.
    3 = Start the Tutor Console in Easy mode. 

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