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After logging into the DNA Console, a Licence Exceeded message may be displayed. This is triggered when the number of DNA Agent devices in the DNA database exceeds the number of clients in the licence that has been registered on the DNA Server.

To resolve the Licence Exceeded message, the Database Maintenance window must be used to delete a number of devices from the DNA database to bring the total number of devices to be equal to, or fewer than the DNA Agent client licence count. The current DNA Agent device total versus the client licence count can be viewed in the Licensing section on the right-hand side of the Home/Summary screen.

The DNA Agent devices’ removal is performed using the Database Maintenance | Delete PCs option in the DNA Console. Providing that the DNA Agent software has been uninstalled, or the device is no longer connected to the network, this will permanently remove the DNA Agent device from the PCs hierarchy and free up one DNA Agent client licence.

One option that can help determine which DNA Agent devices to delete from the database is to delete DNA Agent devices that have not connected to the DNA Server in a specified number of days.

You can use the method below to create a dynamic group based on the Last Connection field value that will enable you to delete the DNA Agent devices from the database that may no longer exist in your environment:

  1. In the PCs hierarchy, right-click Dynamic Groups and click New Dynamic Group.
  2. Enter a name for the dynamic group, e.g. Last Connection Group and an optional description.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Expand the PC Information section and highlight the Last Connection entry.
  5. Use the > button to add the Last Connection field to the Condition Fields section.
  6. In the Condition field drop-down menu, select the less than or equal entry.
  7. Drop down the first field in the Data Value section and select Last.
  8. In the second field, enter the number of days you wish to use to identify the Agent devices that no longer connect to the DNA Server, e.g. 30, 60, 90 etc.
  9. Drop down the third field and select Day(s).

  1. Click OK to close the Condition Editor.
  2. Click OK to create the dynamic group.

Expanding the Last Connection dynamic group will now display all of the DNA Agent devices in the database that has not connected to the DNA Server in the last X days (where X is the value you chose in step 8 above).

Once you have created the dynamic group and it is displaying the correct results for the DNA Agent devices that have not connected to the DNA Server in the specified time, you can use the dynamic group as the basis to delete the DNA Agent devices from the DNA database.

To do this, use the following method:

  1. In the Tools tab, click the Database Maintenance icon and select the Delete PCs tab.
  2. In the Available PCs section, expand the Dynamic Groups entry and expand the dynamic group you have created.
  3. Select an individual device from the list shown under the Dynamic Group and use the > button to move the device into the PCs to Delete section. Repeat this process for the other devices listed that you wish to delete. Alternatively, to delete all devices listed in the dynamic group, highlight the dynamic group name and use the > button to move all of the devices to the PCs to Delete section.
  4. If you do not wish to archive the collected data for those devices untick the Archive the data option.
  5. Click Delete and then OK to remove the specified Agent devices from the DNA database.
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