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Enabling Broadcast Show mode results in the screen information being sent to all machines simultaneously. Broadcast Show sends out a UDP packet to all machines on port 5421 by default. In some network environments, where there is limited network bandwidth available or when showing to larger numbers of machines, this will provide significant performance benefits. Whilst reducing overall network traffic generated by NetSupport School, using this feature will generate additional broadcast packets on your network.

The advantages of this method are that it offers greater performance than a normal show and it does not decrease dramatically when machine numbers increase. It also uses less network bandwidth than the normal Show mode. However, this method cannot be used if machines are on different subnets or if UDP broadcasts are suppressed. In this scenario, we may need to disable Broadcast Show.

Disabling Broadcast Show

  1. On the Tutor machine, select {School}{Configuration} from the Tutor Console drop-down menu.
  2. The Configuration window will appear. Select Network and Wireless Settings.
  3. To disable Broadcast Show, untick the Enable Broadcast Show and File Distribution option.

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