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When new Incidents, Problems or Change Requests are created in the NetSupport ServiceDesk system, it is useful if the user marked as the assignee of the new item receives an email to inform them at the time of its creation.

You can create a workflow rule in your ServiceDesk system to accomplish this task using the information below.

Firstly, you need to create a new Email Template for the email contents that the assignee will receive, along with a corresponding Email Notification that has the Assignee | To button selected under the Recipients section. Both the Template and Notification settings are found under the Admin | Email menu.

For this example, the email notification is called: Assignee Item Created Email

New workflow rule
Enter a Name for this Rule: Email Assignee when Item is Created
When this rule is checked: When an Item is created
Enable this Rule: Ticked
This rule applies to: Incidents, Problems and Change Requests (ticked) – If you only want the rule to trigger on certain item types, then tick the boxes according to your requirements.

There are no conditions required for this rule.

Enter a Name for this Action: Send Assignee Email Notification
Select a Type of Action: Send Email
Send Email Notification: Assignee Item Created Email (or the name you used when creating the email notification)

With this rule in place, the assignee of the item will be sent an email notification when a new item is created either manually by a user or via an incoming email.

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