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The report designer component of NetSupport ServiceDesk 5.xx uses a saved search to create the list of available fields and to also apply any required criteria to filter the results when it is run.

Creating a saved search in ServiceDesk

  1. Go to Lists | Search.
  2. Select the Field List tab.
  3. Click Change Fields to open the Incident List Customisation window.
  4. Highlight the fields in the Currently Selected Columns section and use the <Remove button to remove all default fields.
  5. Using the fields in the Available Columns section use the Add> button to add the fields to the Currently Selected Columns section that you would like to use on your report.
  6. Click Update to confirm the list of fields selected.
  7. Select the Criteria tab.
  8. Highlight the required field in the Field section and click the > button.
  9. Apply the criteria for the selected field.
  10. Click Add to Search.
  11. Select the Properties tab.
  12. Enter a name for the search in the Saved Search Name field.
  13. Click Save to save the search.

Clicking the Go icon on the menu bar will run the search you created and will show the results at the bottom of the page. You can use this to confirm that the search does extract the required items from your ServiceDesk system.

Now that you have created the search, you can select it from the drop-down Select the source data for the Report window after clicking New Report on the Reports | Explore page. The name that you gave the saved search will be displayed under the Incidents section of the drop-down box.

The list of Available Fields will be displayed in the top right-hand corner, and these can be dragged onto the centre section of the report to display them when the report is run.

You also have the option to use the Summary Fields and Group By sections to consolidate the results on the report. If you wish to add a graph to the report, you can drag the Chart button into the Report Header section of the report.

Once you have finished designing your report, you will need to fill in the Report Properties fields at the bottom right-hand corner so that the report can be saved.

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