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A NetSupport Manager Client can be configured to display a connection indicator to show when a Control is connected to or viewing it.

  1. Open the NetSupport Manager Client Configurator from your NetSupport Manager program group.
  2. Select the Advanced and double-click on Master Profile.
  3. Select Client InterfaceCustomizable Text.

  1. Enter the text to appear at the Client in the When Connected and When Viewed fields.
  2. Click OK and restart the Client service.
  3. A connection indicator will now appear on the Client’s desktop when a Control connects to or views the Client machine. The connection indicator will move when you mouse over it, but it will remain on the desktop until the Control stops viewing or disconnects.

Note: You can enter text in either or both the When Connected and When Viewed Configurator options.

The NetSupport Manager icon displayed in the indicator can be replaced with one of your choosing. Place your icon file in the NetSupport Manager installed directory at the Client with a file name of HELPDESK.ICO. It will be automatically detected and used.

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