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Device groups within classroom.cloud allow the administrator to group the student devices together within the web portal, making the devices easier to manage and locate. Device groups also play an important role in connecting to and licensing your student devices, as well as applying configurations to the devices.

This document will detail the process of creating device groups and how you can assign devices and manage these groups.

Creating device groups
Before any devices can be assigned, you must first create some device groups for the devices to be assigned to.

  1. Log into classroom.cloud as an administrator user.
  2. Navigate to the site you want to create the device group for by selecting Sites > Your site name > Device Groups.
  3. Click Add device group and give your device group a name. Click Add to confirm the name and create the group.
  4. Your device group will appear in the list of device groups for that site.

Now you have created your device group, you can then assign your devices to the group.

Assigning devices to your device group
: The steps below assume that the classroom.cloud Student has already been deployed to your student devices with the correct configuration to connect to your organisation. Devices that have been deployed to will go into the unassigned devices group. Click here for further information on deployment.

  1. Navigate to your currently unassigned devices by selecting Sites > Your site name > Unassigned Devices.
  2. Select the required device(s) and then select Bulk assign devices. If there are a large number of unassigned devices, you can use the search function and Shift + Click to select multiple devices.
  3. A dialog box will open, allowing you to choose which device group to assign the devices to. Choose the required group and click Assign.
  4. Your devices will be moved to the ‘Devices’ section found under your site name.

Creating a class to connect to devices within your device group
Once you have created your device groups, you can then create a class and assign your device group to the class. This will allow a teacher to connect to the devices contained within that group.

Note: If you are using Google Classroom/Microsoft SDS to sync your classes, this step is not required.

  1. Navigate to My Classes > Your site name and select Add class.
  2. Enter a class name, choose the device group(s) that you would like this class to connect to and then choose a subject.
  3. Click Add to confirm the details and create the class.
  4. Your class will appear in the list under your classes and, when launched, will connect to the devices within the specified device group(s).

Applying settings to the device groups
Once your devices are contained within device groups, it is possible to configure settings within them which will be applied to all the devices within the group.

  1. Navigate to your device groups by selecting Sites > Your site name > Device Groups.
  2. Select the Settings icon next to the device group that you would like to configure. This will open the device group configuration.

  1. From here, you can make changes to the configuration and apply the relevant settings to the devices in this group.
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