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A Support Tool is included with the Linux Client for NetSupport Manager, which gathers detailed information required to assist our Support team, should you encounter a problem. The Support Tool gathers details from the machine where the Support Tool has been executed; this tool then collects and stores these details within a .txt file.

Please run the Support Tool on both the Client and Control machines for NetSupport Manager problems. For information on running the Control machine Support Tool, please click here.

The following information is gathered by the Linux Support Tool:

    • NetSupport Manager file version details.
    • Operating system details and version (i.e. Linux Ubuntu 2.6.35-24-generic).
    • Installed NetSupport Manager files.
    • Any present log files.
    • Any running NetSupport processes.

Running the Support Tool
The Support Tool is installed by default when the NetSupport Manager Linux Client is installed.

Note: You need to be logged in as root or have a sudo user level account.

  1. Open a terminal session either via the menu system of your distribution or using terminal switching.
  2. Log in if necessary.
  3. Change your working directory to “/usr/nsm”.
  4. Launch the Support Tool by running the command “./support” adding sudo if required.
  5. This will collect the information in a file called ‘support_report.txt’ saved in the NetSupport Manager directory.
  6. Move this file to the current desktop by running “mv support_report.txt ~/Desktop/” adding sudo if required.

Using the steps above, you will have a file on your desktop, which will give you the option to review the information collected before sending the file to the NetSupport Support team via email.

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