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It has been reported that there have been NetSupport Manager disconnections to remote Clients located behind Meraki MX devices when performing a View or File Transfer session via the NetSupport Connectivity Server component. This issue only occurs when using a Meraki MX device which has been updated to the latest version 13 firmware. When using the Meraki device on earlier versions of the firmware the issue does not occur.

We are in contact with the Meraki Device Support team and the Meraki Engineering team is currently working towards a solution. The issue specifically relates to the AMP (Anti Malware Protection) feature on these devices. The disconnection will occur when the NetSupport bandwidth usage to the Client reaches around 3mbps or above and the Meraki AMP feature causes a reset of the session due to an issue with handling TCP flows.

This disconnect issue will only occur if your environment matches all of the following:

    • The NetSupport Manager Client is running on a machine connecting to the Meraki MX device.
    • The Meraki device has the AMP feature enabled.
    • The Meraki device is running firmware version 13 or above.
    • You are connecting to the NetSupport Manager Client using the NetSupport Connectivity Server component.

To prevent this issue, Meraki advises the AMP feature on their device can be disabled; this will stop the remote control disconnections until they provide a full solution for the issue with MX devices.

If you are experiencing this behaviour when using one of these Meraki MX devices, you can log on to the Meraki dashboard and report a new case to their Support team from the {Help} drop-down menu. Please include the following wording, to ensure the Meraki team are aware you are reporting the same issue:

“TCP Session reset with AMP”

Please contact us at [email protected] if you are experiencing this issue and we will provide you with any updates.

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