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In the latest version of NetSupport Notify, when scheduling a notification, you can now include users who are not currently active (but have been active in the last 30 days). This allows you to set up scheduled notifications when users are not connected, such as during out of office hours or during holidays.

When users next power on their devices and reconnect, they will receive the next scheduled notification, providing they are connected on the date and time that the notification is scheduled for.

To access Schedule mode and create a new scheduled notification:

  1. Open the NetSupport Notify Console.
  2. Select the Schedule tab in the Console.
  3. Click New and configure the notification message to your needs.
  4. Then, select Recipients. You can now select the departments or IP ranges you wish to schedule the notification for.
  5. Click Save to save the schedule notification.

Please note, however, that including users who are not currently available only works with the options Server, Department, and IP Range. The Individual option cannot be used to add a specific user who is not currently active.

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