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With the release of NetSupport Notify 5.00.0003, a new feature was added to the NetSupport Connectivity Server that allows for any created Notify Console Operators to have departments specified that they can, or cannot send a notification to. To create the Notify Console Operators and specify the departments they can send to please use the following method:

  1. On the Notification Server, right-click the grey globe icon in the system tray and select Configure Connectivity Server.
  2. Select the Operators tab and tick the Specify operators permitted to send notifications option.

  1. Click Add and enter the Operator name and an optional full name.

  1. Click Set to enter a password into the two fields and click OK to save.
  2. Highlight the created Operator account and click Permissions.

Exclude Departments
Operators will be unable to send notifications to departments listed here. All other departments will be available to send to.

Include Departments
Operators will only be able to send notifications to these departments. List the required departments and separate multiple departments with a comma.

You can choose to populate both lists. For example, if you specify Sales in Exclude Departments and Finance in Include Departments, the Operator will only be able to send notifications to the Notify Agents if they are not a member of the Sales department and are a member of the Finance department.
Note: The Exclude Departments list is evaluated first.

  1. Click OK to save the Operator account and then click Apply and OK to apply the changes to the NetSupport Connectivity Server.
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