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Problems closing a full screen view session with Ctrl+Left Shift+Right Shift

This article applies to NetSupport Manager version 12.80 and NetSupport School version 14.00 and below. To see steps on how to use this on NetSupport Manager version 14.00 and NetSupport School version 15.00 and higher, click here.

If when using the NetSupport Manager Control or NetSupport School Tutor to view a Client machine in full screen mode, you have difficulty closing the view session using Ctrl+Left Shift+Right Shift you can use ‘Pause’ then ‘Alt’ to bring up the view session menu which allows you to close the session. The key sequence used to close the view session can be changed to avoid future problems.

By default, the NetSupport Manager Control is configured to use a three key hotkey combination (Ctrl+Left Shift+Right Shift) to close a full screen view session. Not all machines will process the three key hotkey combination, in which case, you can select to use two keys instead.

Change the hotkey combination

NetSupport Manager

  1. Select {View}{Settings for Current Configuration} from the Control window drop-down menu.
  2. Select Remote ControlKeyboard/Mouse.
  3. Select the required options for your hotkey combination.

NetSupport School

  1. Select {View}{Current Settings} from the Tutor Console drop-down menu.
  2. Select Remote Control Keyboard/Mouse.
  3. Select the required options for your hotkey combination.

Note: Ensure that your selection does not conflict with any other applications that you use.

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